Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where is Sunday going…



Not sure where the time has gone today…2.45 and I am sitting down for a very late lunch…This is a little project I was working on yesterday….a table runner for my hope to be future DIL…..she loves black and white….


This is one of my Nundle purchases,……some yummy flannel fabric….I am going to make a shaggy quilt form these…

Today is Fathers Day……and I would like to wish all the Dads a fantastic day…….

take care Peg…..:>)

"One father is more than a hundred Schoolmasters."

(This is my DH to our three sons….)


  1. Peg, good job on the quilt back. I just love the added block. Nice job. Steph

  2. Hi Peg - yes agreed - where did today go. Mine was spent in the kitchen cooking, love the black and white quilt and also have this beautiful range of flannels from Kerry - but mine too are still in bundles.

  3. Lovely tablerunner, I'm collecting black and white's for a future project - love them - love that fabric bundle too, oh my!

  4. I love black and white too - you have reminded me I have a bunch of squares to put together..... flannel colours look lovely too...

  5. Love the tablerunner it looks stunning

  6. Black & white will make an elegant table runner. Does she have white dishes for the table?

  7. Love the black fabrics with the pinks and rose shades. Lovely table runner.

  8. The table runner looks great. I'm sure it will be well received. Love the flannels too. Nice and snuggly.


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