Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back making them again…..and OPAM





OPAMers…535 finishes for the month of August..way to go…..another awesome total…my very talented partner in crime Kris has the list if winners on her blog so please pop over and see if its you…..once again Kris and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all the emails stating finishes, that we receive during, and at the end of each month…..

I am back doing those folder covers again….I love making these…(I guess that might be obvious…..LOL….) but they are just so handy…

Here it is Thursday again…..

The blog hooping for OPAM was just so inspiring…..can’t wait for the weekend to come….

take care Peg …..:>)…

There is nothing we like to see so much as the gleam of pleasure in a person's eye when he feels that we have sympathized with him, understood him. At these moments something fine and spiritual passes between two friends. These are the moments worth living.


  1. I totally understand I have the same addiction!lol!
    Beautiful work Peg!
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  2. love this and Lisa sure are addicted........

    wow what a huge number of finishes

  3. gorgeous work as always - that saying is perfect and a cover is such a nice way to brighten up a binder.

  4. The mind boggles at that amount, Peg, amazing as always! Love your folder cover, that little stitchery is just too sweet!

  5. Fantastic Peg! This one is beautiful too!!!

  6. Peg... you are a machine! Do you make all this stuff for gifts?? Lucky friends and family you have, if they are gifts!

  7. Fiv finishes this month which is quite good considering it has been the school summer holidays here.


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