Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ready to go…..




I have prepared a few more block for my “Life Is Beautiful Quilt”…..gee, I wish I could get just a few more hours in each day….here it is Thursday again and in another week the month will be over…..We are having such wonderful weather at the moment I hope it hangs around for the weekend….you know the drill…have a fab day….

take care Peg…..:>)….

A Happy Day is a day when I hit the bed with a sense of satisfaction for the day well lived……

(I think this is so true)



  1. These are such pretty stitcheries. Can't wait to see it finished and all together. Have a great weekend whatever you do....

  2. I agree with Fiona... they are gorgeous stitcheries!! And it'd be great to have some more sewing time in the day!!

  3. I Really Love the Circle shape of these Stitcheries and have been Tempted to order them But I still have NPNT to start so I am holding off for NOW!...They are Gorgeous & also looking forward to seeing them in a Quilt...sun is shining here for the first time this week...hope it stays...Enjoy your Weekend..

  4. School hols here in Melbourne. Yes more time in the day would be lovely, my sewing has slowed down. Look forward to seeing the end product. Charmaine


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