Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend nearly over….




Sunday afternoon again…..yesterday we had a family gathering… we were celebrating my MIL’s 80th Birthday….my DH is one of 6 children…so when we all get together there are quite a few of us….it was a most enjoyable day and it is always nice to catch up with family and I think MIL had a lovely day…..Today I needed to do a few domestics and then a little bit of time was spent in my sewing room…these are two of the projects I have been working on….

Have a wonderful day…take care Peg….:>)..

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts…..LOL…..


  1. Peg, I really like that little 'angels' stitchery - gosh you're clever. How lovely to be part of a large family, always so much going on.

  2. That saying is so true!

    Your sewing is looking gorgeous as always. Love the red work angels.

  3. A lovely post Peg, but I have to say the quote at the end is my Happy crafting, Jenny

  4. How nice for your MIL to have her family around her for her 80th.
    Love the angel stitchery.

  5. I love that saying...heheheh it made me laugh and I love your sewing...very pretty and you are very industrious :)

  6. I love the projsects your are working on! Here it is Sunday morning, and I plan to do some sewing today. PS! Come join my super duper give away :)

  7. Sounds like a lovely day was had by all Peg, you manage to achieve a lot in your seing room.

  8. Sounds like a llovely weekend was had by all.Love what you've been working on,your work as always is beautiful :) Barb.

  9. some lovely work happening there - family gatherings are such fun... glad you had a good day...

  10. How fun, I miss large family gatherings - seems like when my grandparents died, so did the get-togethers. I love your projects Peg, especially those flowers - wow!

  11. oooh I love what you're working on Peg. I don't know where you get the time to fit everything in. So nice to get together with family though.

  12. Your tablerunner with the long string of flowers is so beatiful. I have never seen this string of flowers before.


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