Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My treasures….






Tuesday Treasures….I know they look like dirty bits of rag…but they are treasures to me……these three works of art were done by each of my boys….this was there first piece of sewing and I think they did them when they were in Kindy…..they always sat on my desk at work…. about 12 months I bought them home and they now live on my sewing cabinet….I think the boys have inherited my sewing skills…….LOL….

I am sure Clare will have lots more treasures on show…so please pop over and have a look…

take care Peg….:>)

A child is a curly dimpled lunatic.


  1. How special! You're lucky your kids have an interest. Here I owned a quilt shoppe for many years and couldn't get even one of my kids to sew! I guess I burned them out on making kits and cutting down of fabric sometimes til 2 in the morning getting me ready for shows.

  2. They certainly are treasures Peg and they would look fabulous framed and grouped together hanging on the wall. Fabulous :) Hugs Vicki

  3. Just lovely. Yes they would look beautiful framed. I love seeing my son on the sewing machine sewing scraps together to make a bag to put his cars into. Charmaine

  4. These are treasures-that is for sure. Precious.

  5. Gorgeous treasures, Peg, I too think they should be framed!

  6. What a precious treasure! Be sure to frame it up!

  7. How gorgeous you have kept them all these years!! Were they hand sewn? So well done for little kindy kids!

  8. You know, I kept every piece of sewing that my grandsons did when they were young and we were raising them for 12 years. I cherish every single stitch they did. They have places of honor in my home also. I think your boys stitcheries are beautiful! Hugs...

  9. Greetings Peg,

    I received your adorable, beautiful gift (for being your 1000th post) a couple of weeks ago and here I am FINALLY sending you a thank you! I hope you had not given up on me. How very special you are, and I love the adorable embroidered angel, what a gorgeous piece and you can bet it will be in a place where everyone can see it! I'll say, this is from my friend in Australia!! It is really wonderful, thanks so much! And the ribbon with it, embroidered as well, is also beautiful. I thought I could use it as a bookmark, but I must ask, what is its real purpose? I apologize for asking but wanted to know!! It is very pretty and the button on it is perfect!!

    You are an angel for sending such a beautiful gift and I thank you with all my heart!!!!

    Your friend in Washington State, America,
    Barbara (Mrs. Quilty)

  10. Love those treasures by your kids! Something to keep forever and use so they know you appreciate their work!! Beautiful!

  11. This brings back memories as my boys made them at kinder too. Very sweet.

  12. They definitely are treasures. I wonder if the boys think of them that way too?


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