Sunday, March 7, 2010

Two Lukes…


The two Luke's……who have been great mates since pre-school…..(my Luke in the black) and the other Luke was just like a son, and yesterday he got married…..I must admit I did shed a tear or two it was a most beautiful wedding….


And here I am heading off to the wedding looking a little serious…..

I am hoping to have a bit of ‘me’ time a bit later on, hope you all get a chance as well…

take care Peg …..:>)


  1. Yes Peg serious but oh so glam! Love the pic of the Lukes (one, your son by another mother, as my boys would say)

  2. You look wonderful in red! What handsome boys - I mean men - I'm hoping to have some "me" time too!

  3. The 2 luke's look very smart. Hope you all had a very lovely day.

  4. You look nice Peg The boys are Handsome I hope everyone had A good day.
    Hugs Mary.

  5. Beautiful photo Peg. Happy you had some time to party. Hope you all had a wonderful time.

  6. Peg, you're adorable! I love your dress and I'm so glad the wedding was nice.

  7. Boys grown into men - a hard concept as I have a grown man as a son, he's 30 for goodness sake, but I still think of him as my little boy! I love him so much! You look fabulous, darling!!! Hope you had fun!

  8. woo hoo......your gorgeous boys and you dressed to the nines.......beautiful..............hope your getting a stitching in now I am...........

  9. You don't "scrub up" too bad Peg xx
    Love the red on you, now what about a smile?
    The boys do look very handsome.
    Sounds like it was a lovely day.

  10. You look lovely Peg!! So do the boys LOL


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