Saturday, March 27, 2010

Magic Day…


This will be a new quilt for our Chihuahua Tarj.


This is going to be a doily..


Table topper


Another table topper…..

It is a lovely day today, quite warm….worked for a few hours this morning…. and this afternoon I am finishing off some half done blocks…..I found these when I was putting my sewing room back in order after our boys visited…..I will show you all the completed projects when I have them finished……hope you get a chance to play on your machines or just sit and relax with some stitching..

Take care Peg….:>)…


  1. Wow, Peg, I haven't been on your blog for just a few days and there you go. You have made and started so many lovely projects. Always a big inspiration to see what you are doing! Wonderful (O: Have a great weekend.

  2. Those are really nice. I especially love the two red table toppers! Yay for more finishes!

  3. Awwww... a lovely new quilt for Tarj, lucky little furry child :o). Love the doily, so cute. So does this mean you'll have 4 more finishes for your OPAM???!! Yay for you Peg :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  4. Peg.... you're amazing!! I haven't finished even one project for OPAM this month. I'm hoping next month might be a little calmer! I have been working on a bom... and know that doesn't count towards anything at this stage!!

  5. OH Peg I need some of your energy every time I peek into your blog you have finished something else.
    Hugs Mary.

  6. Looks like a busy but productive day! All beautiful projects....

  7. The red & white combo project is beautiful!

  8. What a lovely little quilt for your furry friend.

    Love what you have made out of RED Delicious Blocks. The topper look great.

  9. Oh I'd say that would surely be a PERFECT day Peg. Love all your sewing.... especially the red.

  10. Dang girl - you have been busy!!! Can't wait to see these all finished!

  11. lovely. I love your blog. hugs from Italy


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