Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not a lot happening…

IMG_2862 IMG_2864

Not a lot of stitching happening…..it has been so nice to have all my boys home…but I did get this little one finished…

Hope you all have the best day….

take care Peg…….:>)


  1. Not a lot happening? Lovely stitching & LOADS of emails...looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Not a lot happening? Gosh you always have super things to show. At my end of the world it is no quilting these day. Keep the secret!!: but big party for me on March 12, and after that I must rewrite my profil just a bit. But the thing about age, everybody gets 1 day older every day :-),
    Happy Quilting to you from me.

  3. What a cute little stitchery! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself with your family! :0)

  4. Love the stitchery fabric you have used, and the cotton looks good. Is that an Anchor thread?

  5. With family about, that happens - what's more important? - mine make themselves the most important, lol!
    Lovely little stithery!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Hi Peg glad you are having A good time with your family enjoy it while you can there is always time to stitch later.I love the stitchery you have just done it's so sweet.
    Hugs Mary.

  7. Peg - you're not supposed to get anything done when family is there! Love your little stitchery, sweetie - enjoy your boys!

  8. Peg that is just adorable. I love fun little stitcheries.
    hugs and friends,

  9. Since I like brown so well, I do like that you used the variegated brown floss for your stitchery.

  10. They look beautiful, and I love your dog in your banner- gorgeous!

  11. There is always some pretty stitching going on at your place. Beautiful job. I love the sort of 'sepia' look to this one.

  12. Love that stitchery and that gorgeous thread...

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