Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So much fun…….

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I have signed up for the Ugly Fat Quarter Swap…..the lovely Fiona and Jenny are the chiefs for this one….the game is - you had to send one ugly fat quarter and some embellishments to your partner and they have to make something out of these goodies and send it back to you…I am thrilled to have Fiona has my partner and the first four photo shows what Fee has sent to me…and the second is what I have sent to her… what do you think?????

this will be interesting…..LOL…

take care Peg….:>)….


  1. Hi Peg,
    What a fabulous idea-I don't know about being ugly though!
    Now waiting to see what you come up with>
    The little watering can stitchery is oh so cute!

  2. not really ugly enough compared to the fabrics you brought to us last year but then you really couldn't do much better then

  3. What a fun challenge! I think you went easy on Fiona though ;). Can't wait to see what you both come up with!

  4. My daughter and I are laughing! We just used the 'ugly' fabric you have received in a quilt and two coordinating pillows for her new bedroom! LOL One person's trash is another's treasure.

    See the quilt and pillows at

  5. Those fabrics are just too nice - I don't see any ugly in there. Should be fun making something out of those, but what?

  6. Oh, no! Sorry ... lol!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. It will be neat to see what you both will make. However, that chocolate bar may not make it into the project.

  8. I don't know - I don't think either one are ugly - I think you guys cheated - LOL!

  9. Sounds like lots of fun! Can't wait to see how you incorporate the chocolate bar into it!!

  10. Such a great challenge! I can't wait to see what you're making out ot it! And - not that ugly the fabrics!

  11. Love all the buttons. Met a gal at the quilt shop I work at yesterday who is in 2 "button guilds!" They have "button challenges" and she has written books about buttons-their history etc. I had never heard of this. Sorry I can't remember her name.

  12. Oh that sounds like so much fun! I can hardly wait to see what is created!!

  13. I can hardly wait to see what you create! How fun!
    Our local guild did something like that once. A friend gave me the most awful mushroom fabric. We still laugh like crazy when we think about it.

  14. Hmm, I think they are kind of pretty fat quarters, LOL!!

  15. I am in the ugly fat quarter swap too..... I am lucky what my partner sent to me, I think is quite pretty... so I will easily be able to work with it... as usual,I really did find some ugly fabric to send to her... LOL I am sure I will receive something wonderful back....

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