Monday, March 22, 2010

Do ya wanna……



The 5 year old kit…..



Border Fabric



Do ya wanna join….

Well they sat on me, twisted my arm and made me do it…Chookyblue and Dale did this to me…can you believe I have had this kit for 5 years…… GDITC (after being so inspired by Anni)… Chooky, Dale and I decided to challenge each other in doing this project, why not, I had everything…..if we have three people we can have more….so Chooky has set up a a blog….’stitch-a-long’…… if you have been wanting to do this project and need a little bit of motivation pop over to Chookyblue’s blog and sign up… far we have about 20 signed up….our goal is to have Gardeners Journal completed by Jan 2011….so go on pop over and visit Chooky and add your name to the list..

So I have finished the first stitchery…the potting shed…and I have started number two….Look out Anni lots of show and tell next year…

have a great week & take care Peg…:>)


  1. Your fabrics are gorgeous Peg! This is going to be so much fun!

  2. Oh I so want to do this! But I've decided not to start another big project until my Polka Dot Girls are done. Love the fabrics you have in your kit! They're perfect! :0)

  3. That kit is so pretty! Gardening, stitching and quilting -- a few of my favorite things. If only I had a time machine (lol!)

  4. Oh wow that is so cute - I bet you're done early, Peg!

  5. that border fabric is so cute Peg.

  6. What a great idea , I'll be watching everyones progress .

  7. Wow Peg you do so much...with all your OPAM's and blogs!!! I have this book and not done anything from it...I will take a look!!!

  8. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous Peg - love the border fabric. AND you will finish it!

  9. Very nice Peg; It is going to look loveLY. The fabric are just so nice.

  10. Oh Peg !!!! 5 Years and now you'll have it all finished in another year! Great Stuff....

  11. LOL.........your just lucky I didn't sit on pleased we have started this challenge otherwise I would still just be looking at the book............

  12. Have fallen in love ... but no chancce to start anything new. So I'll just wait for more pics of yours as you work this challenge.

  13. Yeah I bet you took a lot of convincing - NOT!!
    You're already 1 step there, having all the fabric picked out!!

  14. You go girl,Peg. Sometimes we need a little push to get motivated.

    Your new blog look is great.

  15. Lovely fabrics Peg!! And love the embrodery work just below this post.
    You have hands are sor worthy!!
    Warm regards,


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