Monday, January 11, 2010

Tip - OPAM - Project - Firefox

I could have thrown my laptop thru the window on the weekend…..this time the problem is Internet Explorer “we think”……next option is to remove and load Firefox……trying to keep up with OPAM 2010 on the weekend took just so long, I was working off two computers, thank goodness we still have the old laptop it did save my life….so lets hope Firefox is what I need….

So how is everyone going with OPAM 2010….we have close to 200 people signed up which is just mind boggling……(200 is our cut off)…..Both Kris and I had fun with blogger on the weekend, it was not playing the game either….but we are getting there I have a few more people to add to my sidebar, I think Kris is all organized.….If Judy C is out here, please could you let me know you email address and Ida I need you blog address please…

I was reading Fiona’s blog the other day and I came across this wonderful idea for ‘smellies’ for the house, so these are my versions…..fantastic tip thanks so much Fiona.

And this is a project I am working on…..

Don’t forget when you have a OPAM 2010 finish just send either Kris or myself an email or make a comment on one of our blogs……… hot here today…..hope you all enjoy your day…


  1. I finished my 3rd project today! I made another crayon tote and changed the height of the crayon pocket. It looks so much better! This time around I used different fabrics too...Yogi Bear for the for the inside...and a Remember Me fabric for the coloring book pocket to teach him to remember and honor our veterans!

    I also finished quilting a memory quilt that I made but it hasnt been bound yet so it doesnt qualify just yet...Hoping to bind it this coming week!

    3 finishes for now...I am on a roll!!! :)

  2. I forgot to include the link to the post about the 3rd finish. :)

  3. Yay...bag all finished and button on!!! I'm so excited to be part of OPAM...Dzintra♥x

  4. I just finished my first for the month and the year. Combining both the OPAM and Stephanies challenge for string blocks. Can I have some of your warm plese? We've had lows way down to -15, not at all like the Canberra winters.

  5. Oh I hear you on the IE browser-I ditched it 2 years ago-then tried it again last year but nope-I am firefox gal now..oops I forgot add me too the OPAM list pweeeeease (I need the challenge),cheers Vickie
    p.s. hope you manage to stay cool today.

  6. Computer problems are the worst!! Never realize how much we depend on them until they act up... grrrr

    I have been using Firefox for years and LOVE it.

    There are tons of add-ons that make it even better too. I keep IE for the rare instance that Firefox won't work on a site, but most sites accept it now that it has been out for so long.

    Good luck! Still no finish for me, I am working on a full sized quilt here.....


  7. Love your current project, Peg!

    I am a Safari user (Mac), and I have had problems with blogger since Christmas. Blogger has just gotten so slow and quirky, it is frustrating!

    Can't wait to see the OPAM projects!

  8. I have just finished my first project of the year - silk patchwork. I have not used silk before, and am excited to be taking a class to learn about different materials.

    I am still trying to figure out how to make a nice-looking list on my blog. Anybody know wordpress?

  9. So sorry to hear about your frustrations, Peg, I hope Firefox works for you, I'm about ready to try it myself.
    Love your projects!

  10. I have used Firefox for years, never a problem.

  11. Don't you just hate it when the internet is slow and all you can do is wait and wait some more! I hope firefox will work faster.
    I finised the 3 clothdolls I was working om.

  12. Great project, I think I might make another one too.
    Great little idea too.
    Hope your computer starts behaving itself soon.

  13. Peg, Love your stitchery. Sorry to hear you are having computer problems, just the pits.
    I have completed two cushion covers and one quilt.

  14. ooh thanks for the link to Mothers Cupboard. Love the scent thingy, does it really work with the skewers, interesting, may have to give it a go.

  15. Peg, I switched to Firefox months ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I haven't had a single issue with it. Hope it works just as well for you! :0)

  16. I love Firefox. I usually have 6-8 tabs open and never have problems.

    I finished a wool felt table runner and more work in progress today!

  17. Using Firefox and loving it over here. My techie son suggested it.

    Also, I have had 3 finishes this January.

  18. I also finished quilting a memory quilt that I made but it hasnt been bound yet so it doesnt qualify just yet...Hoping to bind it this coming week!

    Work from home India


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