Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a bit of fun…

IMG_2614  Here we are sitting on our noodles…..LOL….


 That’s me in the middle and Dale on the right and Kath on the left…..and yes we do have matching sun visors….. we meet each afternoon at my place to do some water aerobics…lots of fun.


And I have been working on this little project “Sharing Tea” designed by CherylHome Among The Gum Trees…

OK all you OPAMers out there….lots and lots of emails have been coming thru with finishes you still have either 5 or 6 days left depending on what part of the world you live, so still a bit of time to get your project completed or just chalk up another one….

take care Peg….:>)


  1. Love your stitchery, I have it printed but nothing else done...yet!

  2. Go girls! Good to see you in the pool ;-)

  3. Doesn't sitting around on your noodle look like so much fun...
    I go to deep water running at our local indoor pool and we play with noodles as well, they make it fun... so easy to enjoy exercising in the water.....
    your stitchery is lovely.

  4. That water looks so inviting. Love your Sharing Tea Stitchery.

  5. I see the Party Girls are having fun - good on you!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Look at that beautiful water and sunshine - you GO girl! Love the stitchery, I need to print that one off too.

  7. Good on you girls - looks lovely in your back yard.

  8. I wish I had someone to exercise with! I might could lose some weight!

    I am working on some more finishes but had to do a customer quilt first. I am hoping to finish at least one more thing!

  9. Glad you are keeping cool, in a really fun way!
    I love all things coffee/tea I think this is an extra yummy stitchery you are working on!

  10. Your pool looks very inviting. ay I join you too.LOL

  11. Wish I was there--smile--. Sitting here in a very cold Oslo,Norway, feels like -100/below 0 outside.
    But of course lovely to sit in side
    stitching on Lynette Andersons lovely free pattern "Noahs Ark"
    Happy stitchin --smile--.

  12. How wonderful that you enjoy your fitness with friends sure does make it more fun than hard work.
    Nice stitchery too.


  13. So jealous seeing you and your friends in the pool! It's 28 degrees here this morning! Northwest weather!

  14. ahhhh....the pool looks great...the stitchery gorgeous.

  15. Oh Peg how I would love to have a pool in my backyard...Just catching up here...Have a great time in the pool this afternoon...Dzintra♥x


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