Saturday, December 12, 2009

What a week!!!!!!!

IMG_2360  IMG_2362 What a week!!!!!!….Yesterday, two weeks to Christmas, I could not believe I had not put up my tree….I have never been this late in putting it up, so I said to my DH, tonight you and I have a date, we have to put up the tree, still have a few more things to put up but at least the tree is done, I have decided this year to go silver……I have added to the tree all the swap ornaments over I have received over the past couple of years, the presents at the bottom of the tree are my SSCS, from Laila……

IMG_2363 More birthday swap fabric this is from Maree, I am thinking I might use the plain blues for stitcheries, love them thanks Maree.

IMG_2359 After going into both my jobs this morning, I decided to have some “me” time….I have started a new project, will show you this one tomorrow when it is finished….have a great day..

Take Care Peg…..:>)


  1. Your Tree looks lovely MMMMMMM what are you making I will just have to wait untill tomorrow to like to keep us in suspence.
    Hugs Mary.

  2. I just put our tree up yesterday, too! So don't feel bad,'re not alone.

    Can't wait to see your new project!

  3. Sometimes we just get too busy this time of the year and time gets away from us. But you have your tree up in plenty of time and it looks great!

  4. We don't have a tree up yet - you're not alone! Your tree looks beautiful, Peg, I love the silver.
    More fabric! It's lovely! And I can't wait to see what you're making, it looks darling!

  5. Love your tree. I am like you and have just put up my chrismas things.
    Oh will miss seeing your little project as I am off to Perth for a few days. Will read your blog on my return.

  6. You're not late- everyone else is early! OUrs went up last night and we were right on time! ;o)
    Your tree looks gorgeous!

  7. Your tree is beautiful! The silver reminds me of the tinsel on the trees we had when I was growing up! :0)

  8. Your tree looks wonderful all in silver. That way it really showcases your swap ornaments. I love the green glass in the background and I think you have the same fire screen as us - is it the dogs? Your latest project looks nice and fresh for summer.

  9. Peg I love your tree ... and don't feel too bad, ours only went up yesterday too ;o)!!
    The new project is looking so pretty ~ LOVE the spots ;o).
    Joy :o)

  10. The tree is sooo pretty--some people don't put up the tree til chmas eve and take it down the day after--that is too much work in such a short time--I enjoy the lights on the tree too much not to have it up awhile!!!
    Like your blog background--cute!!!
    HUGS, DI

  11. Love the little peek ..on whatever you ar creating..:o)

    When growing up.. we never decorated our tree before the night before Christmas Eve... My Mum did this as a surprise to us children... The anticipation for us was almost to big... we couldnt sleep a blink.. and just to see the tree... and maybe to meet Santa

  12. oh Peg the time is rushing by tooooo quickly.........


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