Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More prezzies...




More prezzies in the post for me from our online birthday swap .......beautiful fabrics ladies, thank you so much...now the last photo is a 'little beauty' I think that was the phrase that Chookyblue had used....she has sent this piece to me as a "challenge"....it was a bit of a joke we have had since GDITC when we all had to rock up with a piece of not so pretty fabric...and a prize was given to the person who happened to have had the 'not so prettiest piece' (notice I am not using the word ugly).....the thing is I won that little competition....but I feel a project coming on where I can use this 'little beauty"....so Chookyblue I take up your challenge of making something out of this "little beauty".......LOL........more to come????!!!!!!!


  1. How wonderful to get more lovely pressies in the mail. This birthday swap thing looks like a great idea.
    I am sure you will make something beautiful out of your "Little Beauty"

  2. I do think that I have been in the wrong exchange groups by the looks of things--how lucky you have been and you are really having some fun--enjoy--Hugs, Di

  3. You did receive some lovely fabrics (so far)....
    "Love" your special piece of fabric.... What ever will you make?

  4. lol............so pleased you "love" that "fugly" fabric........just couldn't resist.......the fat 1/4 swap has been so much fun.........we will have to organise another one next yera........

  5. Happy belated birthday Peg. I am sorry I missed it. Your postings are so happy and the fabrics you got are so gorgeous that you must have had a wonderful day!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your challenge....

  7. Well you're sure having a birthday MONTH!!!! Lovely gifts, Peg!


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