Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Choc Caramel Slice + finished project.


I have been asked for the recipe of my Choc Caramel Slice…this is such a simple recipe…

Line a small lamington tin with baking paper. Cover the bottom of the tin with broken biscuits….(sweet or plain)

1 tin of condensed milk…60g butter…1/4 cup of brown sugar….2 tablespoons of golden syrup….combine and put into a saucepan, stir constantly, do not boil, will thicken slightly and change colour…will take about 12 minutes….pour over broken biscuits….melt 200g of milk chocolate I use Cadbury ….and spread over the top, place in fridge until set…..enjoy…..

IMG_2354 IMG_2351 IMG_2352 IMG_2353 Yesterday I showed you a journal cover I had made …I have also made this needle holder as well from the same fabric range I have done three of these little stitcheries not sure what I will do with the last one….hope you all have a fantastic day….

Take Care Peg …..:>)


  1. Peg I had to laugh when I was reading how to make the Choc Caramel Slice...to Americans a biscuit is something we have with breakfast, like a roll that's light and fluffy..I can see some silly girl making your yummy dish using our breakfast biscuits....thanks for giving me a hardy laugh...btw..I love your stitching pieces...

  2. Can I have a piece right now? Looks delicious.

  3. i have a similar recipe and it is always a hit! congrats on another lovely finish. you have certainly been busy

  4. Thanks so much, Peg .... I will be making this receipe plus the one with the lemon icing!

    More gorgeous stitchery ... you go girl.

  5. I saw Choc Caramel Squares on Paulette's side bar and just had to investigate! I'll be making them...and there's me trying to de-waist-ify myself ! Oh well!
    Love the needle holder, especially the embroidery picture on the front!

  6. Hi Peg!
    Thank you for the caramel slice recipe.. how did you know it was my favourite? *wink*!

    Hugs! Vikki x

  7. geeeeeeez you sure made me hang for the recipe eh? thank you yummo I am so making this pronto(ok when I get the ingdts from the store)..yum yum
    Your stitching is gorgeous and them fabrics rock,welll done,cheers Vickie

  8. YUM - thank you for sharing your recipe - will test this out over the weekend - the girls are getting a little bored with choc chip cookies each week :) The stitchery on the needle holder is really cute. Have a happy week. Hugs Jx

  9. Thanks for the recipe. I am trying to figure out what we would use for biscuits here in the US. Any ideas? I would love to give it a try.

  10. Peg, what is the designers name of this stitchery again? Forgot by the time I got home.....

  11. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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