Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NPNT and yet another BOM

I found another BOM.....and it is just so cute..... "Willowberry Designs" ....and the firs block is called "Under the Willow"...pop over and check it out, and add another one to your list....

Still doing a little bit to my NPNT blocks....so how is everyone else going with this one....it is quite warm again today...I am feeling old,on Sunday my number one son who lives in Derby...Western Australia...turned 26...I can remember holding him in my arms for the first time I am sure that was only yesterday.....


  1. Don't worry Peg, I know just how you feel LOL, my oldest turned 26 too just a couple of weeks ago ;o).
    Hope your son has a fabulous Birthday!!!!
    Joy :o)

  2. I too know of what you speak...my youngest turned 26 on the 12th...where does the time go? Thanks for the heads up on Under the Willow;

  3. I know exactly how you feel, Peg....my son is 26....and it doesn't seem like two minutes since he was little....and I don't think mum's EVER forget what it was like to hold their child for the first time.

    Your beauty block is lovely.

    Western Australia

  4. Oh this is nice too Peg and I love the way you take your photos. I must get better with my photography this year.

  5. Awww.... so many wonderful projects ...

    A Tisket A Tasket is adorable. I'm slowly working on mine.

  6. Our beautiful children grow far too quickly .
    Clares Craftroom

  7. off to check out that stitchery,
    Just wait ladies till its your Grandson thats 26 then you can say you feel old/older

  8. Poor Peg, it will only get worse. My youngest daughter will be 36 next month. But cheer up it does not harm your creativity. That will only get better because there is less to worry about once they live their own lives.
    And your stitchery looks beautiful as ever.

  9. Peg....you are back on my bloglines! woohoo! Welcome back!
    Love all your stitcheries....you do lovely work..


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