Friday, January 16, 2009

Get yourself a Karri

Treats in the post...I have been a member of the Fat Quarter Shop Jelly Roll Club for a long time now and this was the December Jelly Roll....Moda - Fig and Plum....
A few weeks back I mentioned that I was going to the Gym and doing a bit of swimming (water aerobics)...well my friends Dale and Kath have joined me and we have a personal trainer, Karri, and we have been going to Karri three times a week for the past six weeks, last night was measurement night and yes, we had all lost centimetres, off our hips, bust and our tuckshop arms....we all felt so darn good, it has been a lot of hard work but it has paid all you ladies out there who are feeling a little tired, not much energy, would like to tone up, or need a little lift in some form or other....get yourself to the gym, get yourself a personal trainer or join a group....personally this has been a huge boost for me....I have a lot more energy and I feel so much better, mentally and if you can get yourself a Karri..........


  1. Holy cow you sleep? I am amazed at the quilts you knock out, the stitcheries you are doing and working fulltime...and now you're going to the gym...are there more than 24 hours in a day in Australia? Good for you, that is wonderful! I think I need to get busy!

  2. That's GREAT! I am do proud of you! Keep up that good work.

    You go!


  3. Congratulations to you and your friends losing inches. That is fantastic. I know you all are feeling pretty proud. Keep it up.

  4. I'm with Lisa on this one I may need to move to the Big Island LOL

  5. i need a gym lost our trainer due to budget cuts...i do miss her.

  6. What do you do with your jelly rolls?
    Glad yo have Karri, everyone needs motivating and inspiring at one time or another. Keep up the great work. Bec xxx

  7. Mmm these are some of my favourite fabrics. Good work with the training - it's very inspiring

  8. oh, what do I see here?! very delicious jelly rolls! I have them both .. because I'm a member in the shop too. I love to open my envelope every 2 month and get 2 of the new jelly rolls;-)))

  9. Well done you, it must make it all worth while when you start to see and feel some results.

  10. So glad to hear that your exercise is doing wonders for you! It doesn't just tone you but does a heart good too! Congrats on the accomplishment.

  11. Thats wonderful to hear! COngratulations, I love the Jelly roll too!

  12. Oh I am so..............envious of you three, how I would love to have some one with in reach to be my personal trainer, maybe next time Karri comes to Nundle she could stay for 6 weeks.LOL.
    Oh buy the way I have just walked from the fridge with the second last piece of my Tasmanian fudge I bought back in December, sometimes it seeems easier to just find something tasty like that then to actually do something.
    Well done to the three of you,
    Peg you are going to be dangerous with more energy LOL.
    Your firned who wishes she lived closer

  13. Well done... and more energy to you... HELP...(lol) but I will love to see what you will be up to with your new energy...:o)

  14. Congrats on the weight loss! I definitely could use more energy!!!

  15. I really like jelly roll, what possibilities in that little bundle! I am so proud of all you girls getting toned and fit!

  16. Well done on your new fitness regime. I have lost two lbs in two weeks so understand some of what you are going through - no pain no gain right!!!!

  17. Congrats on shaping up in a good way. I'm good at the execise part but have troubles with eating right. I'm working on it. Probably need to find me a Kari. The jelly roll is lovely. I just made a quilt out of one and it was tons of fun. I'll show it soon.

  18. Congratulations......
    I totally know what you mean about more energy. I must get back in to some exercise too. It makes you feel better all over doesn't it.

  19. Those Jelly Rolls look Gorgeous...Congrats on your Achievements with Karri...Keep up the Good Work...

  20. Yummy jelly rolls (the best kind the not fattening kind)

    Good Job at the gym water aerobics is the way to go less impact.

  21. You are so sweet! I just found this, while looking through at your NPNT blocks.
    You girls re my most motivated clients! You deserve good results! See you Tuesday!

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