Thursday, December 4, 2014

More stuff and some family excitement


More Birthday Prezzies…totally spoilt by my lovely friend Anthea…xxx



A treat for me….

I had seen that Sue Daley was doing a 25 days of Christmas on Facebook…and it was the day of my birthday, so I thought, why not, I made a comment on FB and I  was put on a waiting list only. ….

I was number 8 on the list, so they rang me Monday to say…. its yours…..and it arrived yesterday….lucky me….

Now,  some exciting news….Josh, number three son, sometimes known as number two twin,

Josh and his beautiful GF Teen, (no its not a baby)…

Have made an offer to buy a house…the offer has been accepted by the customer, fingers crossed that they will be moving into their own home next  early next year… there are still lots of processes to go thru…but, I am so excited for them…..(maybe the baby will be next on the list)…LOL.

Josh and Teen are the couple on the left with Chris twin brother and his GF Kate on the right..…


Happy Thursday, take care, keep safe




  1. Peg that's wonderful news your right maybe a baby next fingers crossed for everything. Cute photo today..

  2. first house is so exciting.... well done to them.... and all the best of course.... the pressies must be piling up at your house Peg...

  3. Oh Peg that is awesome news and so exciting for Josh and Teen,my DD2 and family have just bought another house too and move in towards the 3 rd week in January they are very excitied also. I hope you have an awesome day my friend.xx

  4. Lovely family pics. Congrats on your win. Good news about the house. You must be dancing around the house with a big grin on your face.

  5. that's exciting news Peg - you never know, 2015 could be a BIG year for the Coen family.

  6. Very exciting. Your box of goodies looks amazing xx

  7. What exhilarating news!! Love your presents, too.

  8. That is very exciting news. Good luck.


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