Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well what a lovely day I have had I was given an award today by Christine ...'Make My Day Award'....I feel very I need to spend some time deciding whom I can send this award most blogs that I read and there are a few are all so inspiring....and as well as this I also received a gift in the mail from my secret Santa swap ...that is the one who received by gift....Doe I need to take some photos so I can share these treats with you.....Doe thank you so very much.....
I have found another old is amazing how our tastes change over the years, from when you first start to quilt....maybe it is not your taste maybe it is confidence that you acquire as you develop into .....well....not sure.....but it sure does change....


  1. I agree my tastes have changed a lot since I started quilting!
    this is a cute quilt though.

  2. Again I love your appliquing.
    Just beautiful.

  3. It is a sweet quilt and beautifully done.
    I haven't been quilting for long but when I think back to some of my early stitching I cringe.
    I did think it wonderful at the time though..



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