Friday, January 18, 2008

Harrison Rose

Peppertree Lane Productions - "Harrison Rose" Quilt....I purchased this kit several years ago at a Craft Show in Sydney, and I completed the top last year the design in the middle is appliqued, button hole stitch...the only thing I still need to do is on the middle cream boarder, there is a stitchery all around...the cream is osnaburg and it stretches so much and I am not sure I want to do battle with I think I may complete the quilt as is...


  1. It is gorgeous as it is...beautiful work!

  2. It looks beautiful from here *s*

  3. Whichever way you decide it is a beautiful quilt.
    Everything you do is just so lovely.


  4. I think it looks great as it is. You would never know that there was more to be added. Finished is better!!

  5. Very nice applique. I think the plain border is fine. I agree with Pam - finished is better.


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