Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A little bit of redwork

Last year when we went on our Ridgecrest Retreat, Ros organized a lot of activities for us, which consisted of swaps, giveaways and such, it was a lot of fun....in one particular swap we had to draw a stitchery ready for someone to stitch...I was lucky to receive this lovely one from Leanne, which I decided to do in redwork......I found it the other day, tucked away in the 'to do pile', and I remember talking to Leanne before we went to Ridgecrest and she said that she actually got up at 5am one morning to draw the stitchery, I felt guilty, I thought if someone can get up at that time to participate in a swap I should do the stitchery, so here it is all finished...thankyou so much Leanne I really enjoyed doing this.


  1. What a lovely stitchery - Leanne is very clever to be able to draw like this. It looks beautiful in redwork. Did your son make the frame?

  2. What a sweet stitchery, and I love the frame you've used for it.

  3. You are absolutely right : this one deserved a nice framing : sooo cute ! (just as your "Country Family").
    THANKS for your kind comment on myblog :>) (by the way, it seems you were spoilt too, with these wonderful magazines !). Isn't the quilters world fantastic ?
    ENJOY !

    Hugs & smiles to you !

  4. The little houses are so charming. I've made so many embroideries over the years that I have decided to join them up into some kind of quilt or coverlet.

  5. What a sweet little piece . . . just love the sentiment (and the frame, too *s*)

  6. Very CUTE!!! It looks very nice with this distressed frame. :-)

  7. Love your stitchery and the frame!!

  8. What a nice idea to stitch a design someone did especially for you.
    I love it and the frame too.



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