Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Three to go...

This is block number 9 and there are only three more to go.....I must admit I have been enjoying doing these little fellows, have no idea why I stopped in the first place, but I guess it is the same old thing, a better offer came along.....


  1. Good question, why do we put something down half way through and move onto something new, anyway if we didn't do that we wouldn't have any WISP to come back to.
    9 down 3 to go, well done

  2. Well done, Peg. You're zooming through these little blocks and they'll be finished before you know it. I'm interested to see how they all fit together in the quilt top.

  3. It's funny how that happens . . . I am often surprised at how little work I have left when I return to a long neglected project. What was I thinking?

  4. We are all so easily diverted! I agree with Libby, when I finally get back to finish a project it can go quite quickly! I don't even know how many I have out there!


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