Friday, January 25, 2008

Quilt Top

Seed Packet Red Brolly.....this top has been completed for a while, probably a couple of years....I just love the fabrics in this quilt, they are so happy.....I am going to source an appropriate backing and finish this off, not quite sure about the to any ideas...????


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  2. Peg it's gorgeous, love the fabrics you've used. I'm guessing your not going to quilt through the embroidery. If it were me and I'm not very adventurous with my machine quilting, I'd be stitching around each block, several times, or perhaps cross hatching, but not through the embroidery.

  3. Oh Peg, I'm speechless! This is one of the most pretty quilts I've every seen... I want to touch it sooo much - I must show my friend Dóra Dís the pictures, she will go crazy over your colors and embroidery - thank you for making my day brighter (I need it, it's so dark in Iceland at this time of the year)!

  4. It is grgeous, I would do the quilting between the blocks, not on the embroiderie blocks and than, maybe some flowers or such.

  5. I have an idea - send it to me - lol ! It's absolutely beautiful. I think simple quilting will be good too.

  6. Another beautiful quilt. Love the ginger pussy cat on the daisy block. Like Linda I'm also not very adventurous with my machine quilting so I would probaly cross-hatch or quilt in the ditch. The fabrics are so nice it probably doesn't need heaps of quilting.

  7. Peg it is beautiful - I have seen this quilt made up before but yours is really really lovely - well done. cheers Rebecca

  8. Wow Peg, you have been busy and you’ve made so many wonderful things!! The stitcheries are gorgeous!

  9. Wow what a beautiful Quilt, Yoy realy need to finish this one up...
    Love it.Your other quilts from your last publish is very nice too...
    Lucky you having an extra day of. I have been busy with my moms 80's birthday so I am a bit frustrated because I have not had any time for sewing. Though I must be happy that my mothers birthday went very well.This week comming I am looking forward to use my sewingmachine...
    Take care!

  10. Peg, This is superb,maybe a littlt stippling around the embroidery blocks and in the ditch for the from Day-Day

  11. wow, these quilts are all just beautful...what a wonderful job you have done. Hugs Khris

  12. Your Seed Packet quilt is so adorable! Your fabrics really pull the whole thing together. It makes me want to start stiching!

  13. Oh this is just lovely!! I have a snowman quilt to do of stitchery and you are inspiring me to take it out soon!

  14. What a lovely top and your embroidery makes it so special! You've been very busy getting all those projects to the finishing stage .... well done!

  15. This is absolutely gorgeous. I am soooooo inspired to try a quilt like this. As for quilting it - I don't have a suggestion - but something that doesn't take away from the beauty of that stitchery.

    You are very talented and prolific!! You could pull all those quilts out of the cupboard and have your very own quilt show!!


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I do enjoy reading them all...take care, keep safe, happy quilting .. Peg