Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wow...what a day...

I have just returned home from a lovely day at Ros'
Club Quilt were all invited for the day - 15 of us rocked up...great food.....lovely company....Ros has such a beautiful home and family and I truly thank her for a great day....but I had a bit of a surprise I have one of those birthdays coming know the 40 plus 10 thingie...all my gorgeous quilting friends gave me this beautiful bird.....Thank you all so very much I was truly blown bird will be very much cherished as you all are, I am truly blessed to be apart of such a special group.........I did get a little bit of sewing done....not much.


  1. A BIG happy birthday to you for Thursday......then quilting for the evening, what a great day you will have.

  2. have a happy this is the reason for the special lunch.....


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