Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quilting again tomorrow

We have a quilting day tomorrow with our group Club Quilt ...we normally go to the Bowling Club but tomorrow we are heading our to Ros' home.... I spent a bit of time today putting together the project that I am going to do out there...I am making another shaggy quilt, Moda - "A Little Romance" - I am going to make this our of 4 charm packs - 144 blocks - I have used iron on wadding in this...this stuff is brilliant...we went to Cottage On The Hill in August and we met some girls from Gunnedah and they told us about iron on wadding, I will never use anything else...


  1. The fabrfics look so bright and cheerfull, really Springtime! Iron on wadding is that the same as pellon? I‘m not familiar with all those names. When I ask for those materials in quilt shops here they look at me like water is burning... I bought a lot of Australian patterns and what I also don’t know is weaveline... If you can explain some of these, I would be grateful!

  2. well no rain so I am very sad not to join you......have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing your progress tonight........

  3. You did get organised early didn't you......

  4. I ahve always wanted to quilt... but i don't know how to sew or how to use the sewing machine. :-)

    I should really get myself into a class for sewing machine.

    just blog hopping.


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