Monday, November 5, 2007

Love old sewing machines.....

I have a bit of a passion for old sewing machines....This one my eldest son picked up for me at an auction in town....I was lucky to get this one...It is a David Jones all the others are Singers...(I think I should have done a bit of dusting before I took this picture)

This one was an Ebay purchase......this was made in 1957 the year I was born....only paid bout $30 for this one.

This one I was lucky enough to get on Ebay for $25.00 great buy

This one was picked up by one of my other sons at a second hand shop on the Central Coast, when he was living there...and the box it is sitting on he found on the front lawn of someones place when they put all the rubbish out to be picked up by other people or the garbage...garbage lost I won...


  1. My mother still sews with a machine exactly the same as the one you purchased on ebay for $25.
    Have you had yours working?

  2. Oh I agree, love these old sewing machines and the way you have displayed them.
    Hope the box isn't like the story from the USA where the blokes amputated leg was in a box he sold in a garage sale and he is fighting through the courts to get it back. YUCK !!!


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