Sunday, November 18, 2007


I love the rustic look....the older the better.........this is a "Hatched and Patched" stitchery, I have done it all in brown son made the frame for me out of some old fence pailings and it is held together with a bit or wire.......very simple


  1. Love the design Peg and the frame suits it sooo well.
    Oh I see Sons do make things for you sometimes.

  2. What a cute stitchery!! And I love the frame...and the fact that your son made it for you!! :D Just adorable! :D

  3. Ooops, I also meant to tell you how much I love your charm square quilts! :)

  4. The stitchery is lovely and your son made a great frame! Love the bits of wire for an added touch.


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