Saturday, November 3, 2007

Our new little addition

This little fellow is our new baby - his name is "Ollie" and he is a spoodle....he is very naughty....he is very spoilt...but just look at him.....


  1. you Peg just don't let him out the yard......I have friends who bring there brown version of this up and he gets a little clip before he comes and a major clip when he returns to get all the Marthaguy Flea out of his coat........he does so everywhere..........LOL

  2. Aaah, nice to meet you Ollie! We've heard lots about you. You look like a sweetheart ... but I detect a cheeky, mischievous glint in your eye - bit like your owner really!!

  3. What a beautiful little baby, can't wait to hear about all the dramas and joy he brings to your life.


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