Saturday, June 1, 2013

Where did it go….

opam2013 (1) copy


May has gone and June is here…..!!!!!!!

OPAMer’s… is time again for those monthly tallies….Please update your sidebars and if you can email my gorgeous partner in crime

 Kris or myself with your totals that would be fantastic…

Happy Saturday to everyone, hope you get a chance for a bit of ‘me’ time…..



  1. Oh my gosh.. it's June now...

  2. Thanks for the reminder and for hosting.
    Yay winter is finally here the perfect season for woolies.
    Enjoy the new season.

  3. June already. Thank goodness winter is here, as that means it is closer to the warmth of summer.

  4. OMGosh... it's still May here in California, but only barely. Just sent you my tallies this evening. Sorry to be tardy.

  5. I have four finishes for May. Two more placemats for my DIL and two makeup bags in the brown bag challenge we had in our quilt group.

  6. I also wonder here, where it indeed go... I emailed my OPAMs to Kris and I have again a photo of them on my blog's sidebar! Happy weekend to you, Peg!


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