Tuesday, February 5, 2013



I am a little late with OPAM news…..

“Signup” has now closed….Great big welcome to all our OPAMers….

Oldies and Newbies…

Thanks for the lovely OPAMers who have already emailed to us their finishes….My gorgeous partner Kris and I still have a bit more work to do, adding all your links to to our sidebars etc.…you can still send thru your finishes now for January or you can do both months at the end of February…… we will then do a double draw…so that means, winners for January and February will be announced and prizes will be given..….that will give Kris and I plenty of time to be ready for the fun….

If anyone has any questions at all please just send Kris or myself a quick email…

We are so thrilled with the rollup for this year….I wonder if we can beat our 2012 tally of 7,710 finishes….……

I hope so……bring on OPAM 2013

Happy Tuesday, take care, keep safe



  1. Thank you Peg for the warm welcome...I look forward to another year with you and the rest of the OPAM gang!

  2. Thank you for the welcome Peg. I know this is going to be another great year of finishes for everyone! Let the fun begin!

  3. Have fun everyone, hopefully I can join next year. Sharyn:)

  4. It's nice to be back... and THANKS goes to you and Kris for organising again! HuGe HugS :)

  5. looking forward to another fun year Peg,hope no bumps at work today .xx

  6. Thanks Peg. Will send my finishes through for both at the end of Feb. Hugs.....

  7. Should have a couple of finishes by the end of the week for you Peg...

  8. Thanks Peg..
    I will post both months end of Feb....

  9. Thanks Peg. You are both excellent organisers. Now to add to February.

  10. Thanks for organizing again. Let the fun start.

  11. Dear Peg,
    Thank you for all that information, I'll post the end of February projects January & February.
    good day


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