Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looking for February!!!!!

opam2013 (1) copy

OK………….who stole February……it’s not funny!!!!!!

to all our gorgeous OPAMers out there….please if you have finishes for either Jan or Feb or both…. could we ask that you send a quick  email to either  Kris of myself with your finishes….there will be prizes given for January and February these are randomly selected, all you need is one finish…….thanks….and of course good luck….

so….who took it !!!!!!…… is anyone going to tell me..!!!!!!


Happy Thursday…last day of February 2013…



  1. I have no idea who stole February but I most certainly do not want it back as I have not touched my sewing machine and it's making me cranky - this weekend is looking mighty fine for a sew-in!

  2. I felt pretty much the same way about January too..LOL...I must go look now and see what I 'finished'...surely there is at least one thing (or will be..haha).

  3. I wish we could roll back timebFebruary went so fast it was insane. Will send you an email later.

  4. February went by way too fast for me! Sent you off an email with my finishes. Have a great day!

  5. Hey... I'm looking for 28 days too???
    Perhaps March has a few extra... I'll need them... :)

  6. oops wasnt me ,my friend,lol.xx

  7. Nah, not me Peg, I have actually managed a few finishes. Will email photos later on.

  8. It has gone fast but I am looking forward to autumn. Sharyn:)

  9. I lost it too. Will send an email to you later.

  10. Feb is gone...done and dusted.. which also means summer is as well...and good riddance to it I say :) Looking forward to Autumn with it's cooler weather and colourful displays!

  11. Its crazy how we are into the third month seems to be as you get older the years go faster??

  12. Oh Peg, I know that feeling Oh so well!!! Can't believe we're into the third month already!!!!! aaarghh! Will be Christmas soon!
    My finishes are on my sidebar...
    hope that helps!?
    xox big sugary hugs (you two are doing a wonderful job!)
    Wendy :O)

  13. Not me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm looking for the one who has stolen it too..... I want to tell her or him a few words !!!!


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