Sunday, February 17, 2013

Party for Teen


Josh (number two twin, number three son) and his gorgeous partner Teen….last night Teens family put on a surprise birthday party for her….it was a great night…

(I was hoping Josh may have asked Teen the big question!!!!!)….but no….


DH and I took along a few nibbles……tried to do a bit of “healthy”….well some of… anyway…LOL

Happy Sunday, take care, keep safe



  1. happy birthday Teen,Josh might be saving that for another time and will surprise you when you arent expecting it,lol.xx

  2. They both look very happy - maybe given time, Peg!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  3. Happy Birthday Teen. The big question will come when you all least expect it.

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  5. It will probably happen when you least expect it Peg, that's what my son did. Sharyn:)

  6. Happy Birthday Teen... I had a good laugh at your not too subtle hint....
    haha - no pressure!!

  7. How lovely to give her a surprise party. Love the look of your healthy snack plates. Yum.
    Like Fiona I had a chuckle. lol.

  8. Happy birthday Teen. Peg you are a very brave woman! I have 3 sons too and I have only made that comment to the one who had already had several children with his lady!

  9. Those nibbles look delicious. I hope Teen had a wonderful party. It will happen Peg, it will happen. Just keep thinking about your friend in Primbee.

  10. Cute couple! Nice blogg, I will join as follower :)) Love your nine patch.

  11. taw Peg, they look so happy together.....I will happen when you least expect it! Yummy plates too.....healthy or not, they look wonderful!
    xox sugary hugs sweety
    Wend :O)

  12. Happy birthday to Teen. Sweet couple. Yummy nibbles too.


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