Friday, November 20, 2009

Just some fabric..

Some little purchases...just one or two...the first lot of fabric I purchased from the Cobar Quilt Shop...Nancy Halvorsen 'I Believe In Santa", such a lovely range of fabric...just a bit of backing, some quilters muslin for stitcheries, Jelly roll - Hushabye, charm packs and a bit of yardage -Vine Creek, Moda and then a Christmas panel, not sure why I purchased this one but it is cute, these all came from Hancock's of Paducah.....and what a day we are having it has already reached 42 C which is 107.6 F........not pleasant at all...hope everyone is having a cooler day than we are....


  1. Ohhhh, I'm loving your fabric!! Well done, Peg!! It is wet, rainy and windy on the West Coast of Canada- a perfect day for sewing! We do after all live in a rain forest! Take care!

  2. JUST some fabric? Looks more like a fabric store exploded there, lol! I love it all and especially that panel.
    Stay cool today Peg!~

  3. Those are some glorious fabrics!! Oh, Peg -- that sounds dreadfully hot! Isn't it a bit early for it to be quite that hot?

  4. lovely shopping........
    the temp is disgusting here too.........

  5. some fabric??? could we say gorgeous fabric, wonderful fabric, farbric I would die for??? :-)
    Hope you'll survive the heat with some stitching in the cool house...
    Do you want to swap weather? It is 6 degrees and foggy, VERY foggy here...

  6. Ooooh Peg I LOVE the hushabyes ~ and is that a piece of Aviary I spy there??? Yumm ;o)! I'm afraid I splurged at Hancocks too ... well what's a quilter supposed to do when they offer free postage LOL???
    Joy :o)
    PS My Osnabergs arrived ... love them :o)

  7. Love the Vine Creek fabrics! Stay cool! :0)

  8. ooh Peg you have such fantastic taste in fabrics-they are all gorgeous,cheers vickie

  9. Great fabrics. I really like the colors in the jelly roll.

  10. Hi Peg
    I Love Nancy halverson fabric and the "I Believe" range is exquisite, I am working with it now, to make some placemats and have used it on some wallhangings and a doll. It is very versitile. Enjoy

  11. I had to take up the offer of free postage from Hancocks too...such yummy fabric and you certainly know how to shop :) hugs

  12. awwww, it's soooo nice to do some shopping and add to your stash! Enjoy your new fabrics!


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