Sunday, November 22, 2009


Remember this sneak peak I showed you a few weeks back ...this is what it was...a journal cover I had made this one for Tereasa, our online stitching groups latest swap....
Today is such a dirty hot windy day............
Club Quilt, so it was a good way to spend the day indoors...tried a new slice today..I was in the hairdressers the other day and came across this slice and thought now I will make that for Sunday I will remember the ingredients, but guess what couldn't remember them all...
but I did put together this and it was not too bad at all...have not idea what it was called so..
lets call this one...
Yummy Handfuls...
200g chocolate (eating)
100g butter...
melt together on stove over hot water
handful of walnuts chopped
handful of dried 'fruit medley mix" (Angus Park for us Aussies), or a bit more..
handful of dried cranberries
about 100g of Digestive biscuits, broken into small pieces
mix together
stir into chocolate mixture
press into a small lamington tin (does about 3/4 of the tin) line tin with baking paper...
cut into fingers sprinkle with icing sugar
yummo...could make a lovely Christmas Slice..


  1. Those handfuls look yummie! Think I have to make tghem too!

  2. Yummy slice and yummy stitching

  3. Your journal covers look gorgeous Peg.... i'm sure their recipients will be delighted!

  4. That journal cover just looks divine as does the slice. I'm sure there were no leftovers!

  5. Holy dooley Peg ..... stop with the recipes, they look so yummy, today I made the Date Walnut and Caramel slice and it was great but I shouldn't be eating all these nice things lol. Great journal, looks lovely.


  6. Love the journal cover. I think I might have to try your recipe. Have all the ingredients in the pantry. It's good to see you use your lovely green glass.

  7. when i first loaded your page & saw the slice i though to myself "i hope Peg has posted the recipe" & sure enough as i scrolled down there it was. Love the journal cover. Hugs, Jeanette

  8. Wish I had a handful right now. Looks so good! Also love the journal cover, it's so feminine and pretty!

  9. Your Journal cover is gorgeous Peg - love the embroidered linen and the sweet ric rac.

  10. The food looks yummy but the journal cover looks yummier! That is really lovely Peg, she'll LOVE it.

  11. Oh, yummy " Handfuls"..
    You have been busy Peg...Love the journal cover, I love ric-rac!
    Julia ♥

  12. Mmm sound yummy, put the kettle on I'll be over in a while.

  13. oooo Peg, two yummo's in one lucky are we!!???? I'm going to have to try that slice for our next quilting meet (as our christmas party is this coming weekend, I don't think we have another until 2010...sounds so long away!!) I'll let you know how it goes!!
    Absolutely adore your journal cover....the colours are juuuuust right!!!
    big sugary hugs 'o)

  14. Hey Peg!
    Your Cover to Teresa is so pretty!
    Thankyou for the slice recipe, looks scrum!
    x Sarah

  15. These handfuls are yummy. One of our bee members is from New Zealand and she bakes the most delicious things every time we meet. She calls these handfuls.....oh no I forgot their name. Can't remember... silly me!

  16. Forgot to mention the journal cover. It is soooo pretty.

  17. beautiful work on the journal cover, such pretty colours! mm! love the look of that slice, I am off to ring JB to bring home the ingrediants I need to make it ASAP!


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