Thursday, April 7, 2016


You will not believe it.....

The first name drawn out was
my darling partner in crime Kris.....
and then I had another bash...and it was Me.....
how funny is that.....!!!!!!!!

so drum roll please.....
March Winner Is.....

my darling friend

Massive congrats to everyone
196 finishes.....

 My Occ Man.....
now weighing in at 15 pound......
a very compact little him sooooooooooooo much...
Happy Thursday



  1. Congrats to Shez!!! What a shame you and Kris couldn't collect as well ..... perhaps you both need to shout each other to morning tea across the net :)

  2. Peg he sure is growing fast and looking a treat I might add. What a smile. xx

  3. Congratulations SHEZ! I agree with Sharmayne Peg..,a shout together across the miles with Kris!

  4. How weird is that - to pick each other and both in the same month...(that weirdo music playing), Congrats to Shez. Happy smiles from the OCc man

  5. hehehehehe I think it was OPAMs way of saying great job Peg & Kris.
    Congrats Shez.

  6. Oh my dear friend how funny is that,yes I am like Susan and have that weirdo music playing,lol .
    Thankyou so much for putting a smile on my face this morning.
    Peg your little man is so adorable and keeps getting cuter by the minute,God bless him.
    Hope your day puts a smile on your face my friend xx

  7. Congrats to Kris, Peg, and Shez!

  8. Congrats to dear Shez. I think you and Kris need to have a prize for all you both do. Oscar is one happy little chappy.

  9. LOL sew funny drawing both Kris and your name Peg.....congrats Shez on being the third drawn....
    I can see why you love Oscar sooooooooooo much, he's just sewwwwww cute.. XX

  10. How funny with your name drawing. Congratulations to Shez, but I must say my favourite thing in this post is adorable little Occie.

  11. Congratulations for you, Kris and Shez : The realy three winners :)))
    I agree with Melody: The best of post is Occie. Soooo sweet.

  12. Well done to Shez... We would have all thought it was a fixed draw with the other two
    Lovely pic of the OCCman... Such a gorgeous little fellow...xox


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