Thursday, April 21, 2016

Crochet.....the art of.....

I have bashed away at a bit of crochet....
I really would like to improve my skills....
so I thought this would help....

I am going great guns....well, I think so anyway....!!! LOL.
And I have the most amazing bag to store it all in as well...made for me by the amazing Bubz....
Happy Thursday...


  1. Gorgeous bag to store your crochet blocks in....I must warn you though crochet is a very additive past time! Love the colours you're using and your stitches look even and your sides level so you're off to a great start :) Barb.

  2. Love the bag. Your crochet looks good to me. Hugs,xx

  3. Good morning my lovely friend,it's one skill I would love to learn,your squares look good Peg ,well done .
    I hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  4. Keep that hook flying Peg. You are doing a great your pretty bag too x

  5. I love to crochet. What a beautiful project bag!

  6. Crochet is the perfect pasttime for winter - I can only do very little.. So lovely to see the bag in use....

  7. Crocheting is so relaxing and I am glad I did the crochet along last year. There is another one this year I think. Enjoy.

  8. Great bag for keeping your woolly goodies close to hand.
    Yay for a little crochet.

  9. Good luck. And the colours are lovely.


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