Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our boy

I know this does sound a bit strange....
When we found out our baby was going to be a boy....
We had to drive to Dubbo and buy "the boy" a fishing rod....and I am sure all Poppies do the same thing....!!!!

This is the fishing rod which has been hung in Oscars room on the wall...
and this is what he is looking at with this massive grin on his face....
Poppie Jimmie is over the moon....LOL

Happy Wednesday
Take care 
Keep Safe


  1. That is sooo cute, and bubs is

  2. He's gorgeous Peg, and I can see many happy fishing trips in his future!

  3. good morning my lovely friend,awwh that is so cute,i reckon poppa Jimmie cant wait to take the little guy out,this post makes me smile,hope you have a lovely day Peg xx

  4. It's never too early! Maybe you can hang it over his changing table with little fabric fishies dangling off?

  5. too sweet... a fisherman in the making

  6. You can never have toooo many fishermen in the family....cute very cute!

  7. I think you better up the odds and get him some sewing suplies.

  8. LOL, I hope he actually ends up liking to fish! Wouldn't poppie be upset if he didn't like it? Ah, one can always dream and hope. Hmmm, maybe teaching him to quilt might be the go too.

  9. It's never too early to start indoctrination, lol. I can imagine Oscar will be so pleased to have his own rod to go out with Poppie Jimmie. I bet he already dreams of catching a (little) big one!

  10. so cute and what boy shouldnt have his own fishing pole?

  11. Just let me smooch him..just once he looks so kissable.

  12. How beautiful. It won't be long and he will be helping poppy dig the worms. Merry Christmas.


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