Saturday, December 5, 2015

Big day…..



What a day…!!!!!!

Yesterday we left  for our shopping day at 9.30 and we arrive home at 6.15…… we shopped and shopped and shopped….

Kath had blisters from carrying Dales Bags…LOL

I can’t believe how many many pairs of shoes that girl bought….

We really did have a great day….

thanks to my two mates for all their help …and Yes….. I got an outfit…and I did spend way too much Money….

Oh well…….LOL

Just a little treat before we went home

A Day with special friends is the best ever medicine…..

Happy Saturday

take care keep safe





  1. Now that sounds the perfect day.....especially those shoes!

  2. Today you can rest, Peg. Glad you found an outfit.

  3. great you had such fun and that you got your outfit...

  4. So pleased you found clothes to wear! Apparently going nude to a wedding isn't socially acceptable! lol
    It's never too much money when you feel fab in an outfit for such a special occasion :) So wonderful you had such a full friendy day :)

  5. oh Peg i am so pleased to hear that you had an awesome day with your buddies and i am so glad you found an outfit,yes buddies are good for one's soul,enjoy your weekend my friend xx

  6. Nice to have your outfit sorted and have had fun with friends as well x

  7. Well done on getting and outfit..good on your buddies for their help. Is that lemon tart Peg don't worry about anything else just send that!!

  8. It may have been tiring but it sounds like it was very successful. Well done!

  9. A big day with a big piece of cake! Both very enjoyable.

  10. What a girl, that is how to shop. Am sure you got some great things, glad to see you rewarded yourselves at the end of the day.

  11. You absolutely deserved that cake!!


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