Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So we are all normal……



Wow…what a response to my post from yesterday….

I am so proud of everyone……

I did not get one comment from a blogger to say she works on one project at a time…..

(I love it….)

Working on 100 things at once is totally normal…

So of course that makes me feel so good, as I was thinking, just for one small moment that I may have a problem…..

So that idea has been thrown out the door…..because if I have a problem,

I hate to say this, but you must too……LOL

and of course you don’t!!!!!!!

(Please see previous post and all the comments…..

that’s proof….)

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment…it was so much fun reading them all……

Happy Wednesday, take care, keep safe,

Lets start a new project!!!!




  1. Already started a new project last night. :) lol Hugs,xx

  2. Me too and I am already wondering if to carry on or not!
    Variety is the spice of life after all.

  3. Oh dear glad to read I'm normal too! How many do I have....a few cross stitches...some quilts....stitcheries! Doesn't stop me from getting new ones LOL!

  4. I didn't get round to commenting on your last post, Peg (perhaps I was creating some more UFOs!!) So pleased to know I am normal - I have little bits of unfinished business all over the place but I always know they will be finished someday, or given away/binned because I no longer like them. Bring on the next new project, I say!

  5. And if we all do have a problem....nobody wants fixin'!!!! Tee Hee! It's great to be in such good comapny.

  6. Missed your last post, Peg, but it was very affirming. Always wondered if I was the odd duck out.

  7. lol so glad i am normal Peg,lol,looks like i am in good company,hope you have an awesome hump day Peg.xx

  8. Safety in numbers......glad I'm normal too.

  9. Missed your last post, but I'm glad to see that I'm normal :-))

  10. I am normal!!! lol. My only problem with having lots of projects on the go is that I leave my hand needles and other sewing things like cottons, in with a project and then when I need them I have to go looking for them. Most likely I end up buying more so when they are all together it looks like I've got a shop happening to!!

  11. Oh dear, I think I had better finish something now...

  12. Good to know Peg. I was working on a project today, thinking about what I needed to do to finish another one at the same time. Missed yesterdays post so glad I caught up today. Will cancel that doctors appointment now. hugs....

  13. I miss your post with the question… but I can answer you that I have a million projects at the same time !! Yeah !!! I'm normal too !!

  14. Good to know we are all in the same boat!

  15. LOL quite a relief to read this Peg....and I LOVE the flowers in your last post. Too cute!


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I do enjoy reading them all...take care, keep safe, happy quilting .. Peg