Monday, April 9, 2012

OPAM winners and a little sewing….



OPAMers it has been another fantastic month 523 finishes….that is nearly 1700 finishes for the first quarter…totally awesome….well done to everyone…

Our winners for this month are…drum roll please……!!!!!

Marg H


Congratulations to both ladies, please could you email you address to me…..and of course a huge congratulations to all our OPAMers…



and this is a little project I am working on…..

and tomorrow that little give away that I was talking about…

Happy Easter Monday

Take Care Peg

Keep a thing seven years and it's bound to come in handy.


  1. congrats girls,well done and love that fabric Peg,pink and black alwayslook great together.xx

  2. "Keep a thing 7 years and it's bound to come in handy!" Think I should make that into a card and put it on my fridge! Quilter's motto. Great OPAM job!

  3. LOL
    Maybe I should put it on my daughter's bedroom door and tell her next time that it's well over 7 years... and it's all still there! On the downside, she might put it on my sewing room door as revenge :)

  4. Love those fabrics together Peg.

  5. Love the fabrics in your project, Peg. Congrats to your winners, and congrats on your win over at Barb's.

  6. You have cut into that fabric pack Peg, yum yum yum. Congrats on your win. Tracee xx

  7. Congratulations to the Opam winners. I love the look of your new project Peg and those fabrics are gorgeous. What's the range called?

  8. Congrats to the OPAM winners...and thank you again Peg and Kris for hosting the black and pink, just gorgeous!

  9. So with my 2 (not reported),
    we would have had 525,hurray for us all:-))) Congrats to the two winners,glad Khris and you take care of the OPAM! Love your new project,black and pink look pretty together.

  10. Congratulations to the winners. Keep an item for 7 years? Those supposedly in the know say throw it out after 6 months. Never have agreed with that otherwise the nice trousers I kept vowing I would get in them again would never have had the chance to happen! So I will stick to my keep it you never know approach. Happy Easter Monday.x

  11. Conragulations to Marg. H. and Marja.


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