Thursday, April 12, 2012

Long Weekends….




I was on a sewing roll over the Easter Long Weekend, ..…….what a shame we can’t have one of these every month….LOL…

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Happy Thursday

Take Care Peg

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.


  1. This looks very interesting , I love the fabrics .Glad you had some stitching time on the weekend. hugs Sheila

  2. You are always on a creative roll! Wish we could have an Easter weekend every month too and that I didnt have to work for two days of it! LOL! Off tomorrow so hopefully a stitching day for me.

  3. You choose the most beautiful fabrics, Peg.

  4. That's the thing Peg. You are not greedy. You just want a long weekend once a month. I was thinking one every weekend would work for me! Nice sewing!!!

  5. How lovely to have such a long break and the weather was gross - just right for being inside and stitching!! Glad to see you have kept up your end of the activity as usual, Peg! XX

  6. Beautiful choice of fabric Peg.Lovely that you got stitching time over the break.

  7. I do love the fabric as well...glad you had fun sewing...


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