Friday, June 17, 2011

Gifts for me and a recipe for you….




Just check this out………how gorgeous is this milk jug doily..this was a gift I received from the gorgeous Marina, a little thank you from her, Marina had recently won a giveaway on my blog…….so I also get a gift now that is ‘magic’……

How lucky am I….beautiful crocheting Marina…I feel so very lucky…mwah to you…..


There have been a few birthdays this week at work, so I  made 3 cakes…..2 chocolate, and the other was a Caramel Butter Cake, and I forgot to take a photo of that one…but, I will post the recipe for the chocolate cake under my recipe tab at the top…this is the quickest cake ever, it is so very moist and the boys loved them at work…

Happy Thursday

Take Care Peg…

The belly rules the mind.


  1. oooo Peg, that Caramel butter cake sounds yummy! I have a never fail chocolate cake that I love to use too! And Marina's gift is lovely....I have one just like it...brings back many wonderful childhood memories!!!
    XXX sugary hugs sweety
    Wendy :O)

  2. What a lovely milk cover. Marina is very clever. That cake looks very yummy too! I have a favourite chocolate cake recipe that I use all the time. You just throw everything into one bowl and mix!

  3. Doilies and cakes... great minds think alike!! Pretty - so sweet of Marina - and yummy _I'm always keen on easy recipes! ....


  4. i love milk covers, they remind me of my grandma she always had this lovely rose pink milk jug with a crochet milk cover on the table when we had dinner

    my pop always liked a good cuppa with his dinner

    might have a crack at the cake, i start nights tonight and chockie cake is always popular....
    give the girls a treat....

  5. Lovely gift from Marina Peg and you have spoilt the boys at work lol

  6. Love Love Love those doily's!! And the cake looks delicious!

  7. Really lovely crochet work....lucky you, Peg......I like this blog's saying 'The belly rules the mind' true is that!!!!!

  8. wary of your recipes since I found your malteser slice..LOLOLOL....which I have made a couple of times....and even though I tried not to eat any I failed miserably.....:)

  9. Yummmmmm...both the crochet cover and cake look delicious. However bad news is my existiong diet which is now nearing 2 stone is preventing me tucking into such delights but once I get my target...cake shops beware lololol well gotta have one treat right!!

  10. I love chocolate cake- and the tinkle of the glass beads from one of those milk jug covers when it is on the jug- one of these days I should make myself one.

  11. Marina is such a great person and so very talented. I'm making your chocolate cake this weekend. Your recipes are the BEST.

  12. Such beautiful crocheting - I never could crochet something that fine! I do better with big yarns, lol. Recipe sounds yummy, thanks!


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