Sunday, June 26, 2011

Club Quilt today…




Yesterday was a great ‘Me’ day….so how was yours….

I will show more of this project a bit later on…

Club Quilt today…..I have made a Caramel Date Walnut slice, I have a big bowl of mixed chocolates, and of course some sewing….oh dear it is another ‘me’ day, but this time with wonderful company.

Happy Sunday

Take care Peg….

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.


  1. We all need 'me' days or time out when our lives are busy- the trouble is making time for it- I would love to be at your day- the slice and chocolates and friends to share it with sound like heaven. Mmm I'm thinking handles??? will have to wait for your reveal.

  2. Enjoy - and save a choccie for me :)

  3. Cant wait to see what projects are made up Peg,enjoy your day

  4. Sounds like another great day coming up Peg. Am interested to see what those strap-looking things will turn into. I'm going to the pictures with Mum and Jenni this afternoon to see "bridesmaids".

  5. Have a great day Peg. I'm off to the footy, surprise, surprise! But I did manage to get a bit of sewing in yesterday. Enjoy yourself. Hugs, Christine

  6. Ohhh, are you making bag straps?
    Have fun at Club Quilt today.

  7. Delicious colours and delicious sounding slice... have a lovely day... lots of chat, eat and sew....

  8. What are you sewing? I can't belive it, I made the same yesterday! Come to see yhe photos! I posted them today!

  9. Hi Peg, thank you for you "Me day", all people need one. I want to see your new project so work hard. See you soon... Mari

  10. Such a great day too Peg. Many projects we all finished.

  11. Hi, Peg! Thank you for visiting! Yes, I meant the hanger... I falled in love with this tecnique! Looking for what you are going to do with yours! :) Have a nice sunday!

  12. What a poifect 'me' day!!!! ....which reminds me.....there's chocolate in the fridge.....excuse me.......LOL
    sugary hugs sweety
    XXX Wendy :O)

  13. I just love me day's
    had a semi me day yesterday, got a skirt made and some work on my quilt and some stitching on my SAL project

    but my hubby is heading off again today so it will be just me and the girls again for a couple of nights


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