Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Treasure…




Tuesday Treasures……I have not thought about my records for years and after seeing Teresa’s post last week…I had to go and find them…this is just a few and I mean just a few of my LP’s…….I loved music and still do….Back in 1976 I purchased my very own sound system…it was a Pioneer and I only got rid of it about 5 years ago….I paid a heap of money for it….and the bottom LP was the very first one I purchased after buying the sound system…..you know I still love most of this music….how sad it that…..

Pop over and visit Clare…and have a look at what she has today…

Happy Tuesday…take care Peg…:>)

All deep things are song.  It seems somehow the very central essence of us, song; as if all the rest were but wrappages and hulls!


  1. Hey Peg! Wow ... a walk down memory lane there! :0) I remember my first LP was a Christmas gift from my parents when I was about 7 or 8 and it was ABBA's "Arrival" album. I played it to DEATH ... and still have it tucked away in case I ever buy a new turn table! :0) And you know what ... like you, I STILL love the music! :0) Thanks for sharing! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. Oh Peg ... I'm looking at those thinking "I've got that one" and "I remember them" lol. Thanks for bringing back lots of lovely memories :o). I've kept my LPs too ... must get them out and have a play one day ............
    Joy :o)

  3. Lol, we must be around the same vintage! At least when these were made you could understand the words to the songs and there weren't swear words (or graphic descriptions) in the lyrics :O.

  4. Hi Peg, this brings back lots of memories for me. I've still got all my old records packed away in a cupboard somewhere, must get them out and take a look. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Peg.
    Lots of memoies here... And my my favourite band too... I still love Dr. Hook :-)
    Just ask Maree ;-) But no Beatles or Elvis ???
    Have a great day.
    Hugs :-)

  6. We have the same Rocky Horror Soundtrack album - the first time I saw the show, everyone in that cast was performing. I recognise so many of your LPs.

  7. O my goodness that is so old!!!
    lol just kidding! I remember playing records from my Dad's collection when I was little....like 7 or 8...

  8. Yes I was looking and saying , know that one , know that one .
    Great fun thanks for showing us Peg and playing along .

  9. When I was a teen, I had over 800 albums. My brother was a toddler and had to wear orthopedic shoes. I came home one day to find him in my room, every album out of the cover, him rubbing them together and kicking them with those stupid shoes. He's very lucky I let him live! I miss albums, even the scratchy sound.

  10. We're all showing our age when we recognise all the albums. Your sound system sounds very like Mick's sister's. She also had an excellent Pioneer until just recently. Very state of the art at the time.

  11. My husband still has his stereo that he got for his 21st he won't part with it. It is in very good condition and has excellent sound. And he has all his old records. Our son loves to go through them. Charmaine

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  13. *BIG SMILE*
    Ahh.. this is just so fun.. guess what I played art my House.. HARPO.. oh ... he was good... and swedish ...:O) And Dr. Hook .. played a lot to.. and ELO... and Leo Sayer... (actually played him for my son this summer.. and he liked him too..;o))
    Thanks for showing.. lots of memories... sweet ones..:O))

  14. OMG this has taken me straight back to boarding school - I absolutely loved Leo Sayer as well - thanks for the memory jog - my first album was Susie Quatro that my grandmother bought for me for christmas - wow seems so long ago now !!!!

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