Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Final Tuesday Treasure





Final Tuesday Treasure……..my boys ‘rock collection”….my Dad loved rocks…when I was a little girl our Sunday outing was collecting rocks for the rock garden Mum and Dad built at there home….the garden has paths, walls, bridges all built out of rocks……..so when my boys went over to Pops they always had so much fun going thru his rocks and finding little treasures…..so this is their little stash…..how unique are the rocks with the faces…..LOL…..

A big thank you to Clare for “Tuesday Treasure” it has been so much fun …..bringing back so many wonderful memories…

And I do have one more treasure…….and that is, all of you……”bloggers”…….thankyou so much for visiting and leaving such lovely comments ……

Happy Tuesday

Take care Peg…:>)..

Smile, breathe and go slowly.



  1. What is it about boys and their rocks , mines just the same , lol !
    Thanks so much for playing along Peg .

  2. Oh Peg, I LOVE the opal! Next year when I start Tuesday Treasures again, I must start sharing my rock collection too, other than just my Sea collection....which is huge so it might take half the year before I get to them...
    You should totally crack open the thunder-egg and see what's inside!!

  3. LOL My boy loves to collect at the moment it is a pile of wood in the cubby. Thank you for sharing. Charmaine

  4. Boys do love rocks don't they . No holiday or even day trip was complete without them adding to their collection.

  5. Amazing memories of the times your boys spent with their Grandparents. Got to love those faces !!!


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