Thursday, June 24, 2010

It’s another Early Bird…..



All finished….another Christmas Early Bird gift…

Very quick post this morning we are (that is DH, number three son and his girlfriend and I) are heading off to see number two son and his girlfriend who live on the Central Coast….Number two and three son are the twins and they are having a birthday very soon so we thought we would all celebrate a bit early…..very excited about spending time with my beautiful babies….(LOL who are going to be 26)..

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend…’

Take care Peg…..:>)…..


  1. Have a wonderful time Peg ... and happy birthday to Number 2 & 3 Sons!!!
    Wow, another finish for June've been busy ;o).
    Joy :o)

  2. I love your work. I would really like to stitch this little pattern, but can't find it on the Among the gum trees blog and it has disappeared from Yzz' blog too.
    Any ideas? Thanks for any help you can give.

  3. How lovely for you all to get together - have a great weekend!!

  4. Love your wall hanging. Hope you have a great time away with number 2and 3 son for there birthdays.

  5. travel safe and have a lovely time with the boys........

  6. Have a great weekend Peg. BTW, I have tagged you in a post, you have homework, enjoy, hehe. xx

  7. That's gorgeous! Love the garden blocks as well, coming together beautifully, Hope the weekend's great, Tracey

  8. Oh so nice Peg! Is this your Challenge entry, your haven't told me...challenge entries close midnight Sunday ?? Also; don't forget to let me know your Mini Gift total by June 29, deadline midnight!!


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