Saturday, June 19, 2010

In the sewing room again……



DH has gone fishing…so “Home Alone”…….practicing with the pounce pad again (working on another Early Bird Project)….just love this pounce pad.






Also working on a new project……and I am doing a bit of cross hatching on the back using this awesome little tool “Hera” Marker by Clover…makes doing straight lines a breeze……another must for the sewing room….have a wonderful day, hope you have a chance to get some of the ‘me’ time as well…

take care Peg…:>)


  1. Beautiful projects! I just finished my me time and I am ready to go to bed. Enjoy your me time!

  2. Enjoy your 'home alone' time, Peg :-))
    Happy stiting, P

  3. I Love My Time Alone Time...noticed your foot on your don't use a walking foot for the quilting.? I must have missed something...what is a Pounce Pad.?Enjoy your Me Time.

  4. your on a roll now stopping you with the quilting now..........

  5. I have wondered about using a pounce pad. So you think its worth the money? Love the projects. I would love a week-end home alone--isn't that terrible. I love me time.

  6. Enjoy your weekend!! Ok I'll bite...Whats a pounce pad??

  7. Hey Peg! Love, Love, LOVE your new project!! That's one of my all time fave Bronwyn Hayes stitchery designs and I included it in my red and green quilt. I think it's my fave cos one day, I want a sewing nook in my garden that looks just like that .... aaaaaahhhhh!! Happy stitching! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  8. Absolutely gorgeous "Noel"! What are you making it into?
    And that sewing stitchery is just wonderful!!! I can't wait to see them both finished!!
    Enjoy your you time!

  9. Hey Peg,

    The GJ blocks are so sweet.

    I haven't been able to visit much lately so have missed something. What is a pounce pad?

  10. I went on line and purchased a pounce pad when I read your arrived yesterday and I can't wait to try it out! Have been looking for a better way to mark quilts....and this looks like it could be "it".....!

  11. I always envy your wonderful stitching Peg...

  12. Lovely post Peg...we all need some "time home alone"..
    I have a pounce pad but haven't used it yet..Ok, now seing you have used it, I must give it go..
    Julia ♥

  13. Maybe you need to do a weekly, "Sewing Room Must Haves"...what does a Hera do??

  14. Now that must have been a GREAT weekend Peg. I like the idea of a Hera... We need instructions now please.

  15. The Pounce looks really effective. A cute Christmas block. I also love the way the Hera marks the fabric. Does the mark stay for long?


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