Saturday, April 24, 2010

So much happening..




This morning I was up early and on the computer doing some book work for my clients by 7.30, and by doing this I was able to spend some time with my sewing machine this afternoon…these are some of the projects I am working on at the moment, there will be lots of show and tell once they are finished…

Club Quilt tomorrow….and I have a caramel date slice in the oven cooking to take for morning tea…and all my projects are ready for a big day of sewing..

Hope you all had a chance to do some stitching today…

take care Peg….:>)


  1. Hi Peg. I did... I pied the needle. DH and DS were out, so I had DD all to myself. Her BF was away. Such bliss... good times

  2. Yummy pink fabrics. I'm sure your finish will be gorgeous.

  3. i did a little stitching...........have a lovely day tomorrow..........

  4. Hi Peg,
    Gosh, You're on a roll with these pretty stitcheries.
    I've just looked at your OPAM list and "you are kicking goals gal".
    Well done!

  5. So pretty Peg - you must be SO organized to get so much done! Have a lovely day at Club Quilt tomorrow, your slice sounds heavenly!

  6. Lovely stitcheries! It will be fun to see them when they are a finished piece! You are sounding very organized with that caramel date slice all ready for morning tea and projects ready to go! Have lots of stitching fun!

  7. Love, love, love that 'count your blessings' stitchery. You don't happen to know where I could get the pattern? And I've commented before on that cute shopping stitchery. The button is SO perfect!

  8. I have to wait a few months for my first lesson ever. But I love your work very much. It's beautiful.
    greetings from Holland,

  9. Count your blessings. I say this every day to myself. I'am a surviver of breast cancer!


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