Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bags for Kate…..

 IMG_3198 This is a bag that my son Chris’s girlfriend Kate uses when she goes out ….…she can just wrap it around her wrist and doesn’t have any worries about loosing anything..IMG_3199



I thought I can make some of these….so this is what I have come up with…..a drawstring version and a wrap around with button…..Chris and Kate have been home for a couple of days, they just left as they have a party on the Central Coast tonight, …I did notice Kate had the drawstring bag wrapped around her wrist as she left……

Enjoy your day…our niece is getting married this afternoon so we have a family wedding…

take care Peg….:>)….



  1. How darling and what a great idea! Enjoy the wedding!

  2. What a good idea, to make a bag like that!

  3. i hope all goes well for the wedding and you have a fantastic time.
    Love the wrist purses.
    I often just shove my money, license and atm card in my pocket when going out....then last year my sister gave me a very small zippered purse that she bought in Thailand (when she got married there before christmas) and I find this great; but something actually attatched would be even better as there would be no worries about it slipping out of your pocket...
    Great creativity!

  4. The little bag is a great idea. I love the drawstring bag

  5. Cute bags. I thought I was at the wrong blog. Love the new look.

  6. Hope you have fun at the wedding!

    I love the bags! I really have to make a new bag for myself, as my current favorite is so tattered and old! I just wish I had more time!

  7. I hope the wedding went well... Love the little wrist bags... so cute and easy...
    Cath's Blog
    Cath Ü

  8. So clever! Thanks for sharing.


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