Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finish Five Is Just About Over......

Well only hours left on the "Finish Five Challenge"...... still time to finish that last on that final button.......tomorrow I will draw out 4 names.....I have four prizes to give away....two hand made by me and the other two will be made up of what Bonnie has so very kindly sent to me.......if you have finished one or nine....yes nine I have a couple of ladies who have done this...everyone goes in the draw....I have one more little request it possible to do a post on your blog of all your completed projects....a new photo of them all or just another post showing all your photos in the one post....I would love for everyone to see again your completions, I have been keeping a spreadsheet of what I have picked up as finishes but I am sure I have missed a few....this would be the icing on top of the cake....this challenge has been just amazing....more tomorrow...

These are my Cyber Stitching parcels I have received from Kerry "Cottage on the Hill" gorgeous do these look....too nice to even unwrap....
A few more fantastic Finishes......
Rhonda... Jeanne... Cathi... Julie... Kris... Bernadette...


  1. Peg, it's thanks to you that two of my three got done. That challenge really really got me motivated and I am ever so grateful! Thank you again!
    Wonderful parcels you received. They look fabulous!

  2. Yes, I agreed with Catherine. Thank you to you for setting up this challenge. I'm working on finishing up two more that would have sit on the shelf longer if it weren' for this motivation.

    Yummy parcels!

  3. Hey Peg! I posted another finish last night - a dolly that wasn't on the original list, but is finished, so got her photo taken! Tee! Hee! Hee! Looks like you got some yummy things in your mail - lucky you! Today the postie just brought me the power bill - GROAN!!! Ah well! Thanks again for hosting the wonderfully motivating challenge. Even tho I didn't finish the other two quilts, I've made progress and will get back to them as soon as it warms up a few degrees so I can stand to be in the sewing room - BRRRRR!!! Bet it's frosty down your way too! Keep warm and I'll look foward to more finish photos! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  4. Hi, I have finished number 4 and 5 but can't seem to get the camera hook-up to work. Kviltstina has been posting my earlier ones but since I can't send her the pictures I thought I'd write to let you know that I am DONE!!!
    And by the in Sweden we still have 11 hours left of July!!!
    This has been such a good thing. Thank you for "making!" me join this challenge. It has been fun and sooo productive!

  5. Hi Peg
    I agree with the previous posts...thanks for the motivation. I have not achieved as much as some but I am pleased that I have completed a few 'stragglers'.
    The prize packages look fabulous!
    Good luck to everyone

  6. Thanks for the great motivation. I am binding a quilt at the moment (this is my break). I will post photo's on the weekend of my completed projects all thanks to the Five by end of July Challenge.

  7. Thanks so much for providing the challenge/motivation to finish a handful of things. Seven is all I managed to get finished but there was more accomplished than just seven finished projects.

    Thank you, Peg.

  8. Peg, posted today on my july progress. though i only had one finish, when i reflected i realized i finished four tops that were only ideas at the beginning of the month. i'm so happy. thanks for doing this for us. you're a peach!

  9. I had high hopes of finishing at least one more - the fourth item - but it's not going to happen. I didn't get in as much hand quilting time as I'd hoped while we were camping. Then, when we returned on Tuesday my daughter called to request that I take care of Joseph the rest of the week as his other grandma is having problems with new medication. So I'm playing with Joseph instead of sewing - but that's OK! Now I'll just strive to finish some in August!

  10. I have to confess that I didn´t finish five, only two. But I began working on other two UFOS so it was good to participate although I didn´t finish five.

  11. I posted my finishes in a new post as per your request. Hope you'll do this again sometime.

  12. Where did JULY GO!!!!?????
    What a great challenge Peg and you had so many followers. Such a great idea and I'm sure you will have more to come.
    Love the Christmas in July packages. Can't wait to have a look what it's all about.


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